Shirdi Sai Ganaga Mandir

A Non-Profit Helping Orphans in India, Orphanages in India,Old age homes in India, Homeless people in Pittsburgh


Thursday being special day for Baba are always busy and do provide an opportunity to experience the color of SSGM.

Sai Aarti and Bhajans

Sheja Aarti is conducted every thursday a set schedule.

The word Bhajan comes from the Sanskrit word “bhaj,” which means “to serve”. One way of serving God is to sing the glory of the almighty. When one sings Bhajans with complete devotion, everything and everyone around gets cleansed and ones inner self is invoked. Bhajans provide an opportunity for everyone to communicate with GOD simply.


Activities and Timings:

Every Thursday - 7:30 PM till 9:30 PM
Baba Abhishek is from 7:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Sai Baba Naamam, Sri Sai Satcharitra 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Shej Aarti 8:30 PM


Anna Braham, As is said that food is Brahma and our Bhandara team echoes this. Our dedicated volunteers prepare maha prasad in our kitchen and serve to the devotees on every Thursday and many special events days. This is a way to remember the times when Baba used to Cook for devotees in the Handi and serve it with Love to the people of Shirdi.

Priest Services - @SSGM or at Home

Services Offered: Samuhik Sai Satya Vratam.

How to Request: For priest services, please contact SSGM by sending an email to or by calling Sri Venkat Ji : 312-231-8090.

Samuhik Sai Satya Vratam since 2015. Performed 8 Vratam’s.
Shirdi Sai Abhishekam since 2008. Performed 400 Abhishekam’s.
Shirdi Sai Archana since 2005. Performed 108 Archanas.
Shirdi Sai Satsang since 2014. Performed 108 Satsang’s.
Reading of Sri Guru Charitra Parayana since 2004. Performed 31 Parayana’s.
Reading of Sri Shirdi Sai Charitra Parayana since 2004. Performed 26 Parayana’s.

Service Fees: There will be NO fees for the following services done @SSGM or at Home

Samuhik Sai Satya Vratam(@SSGM or at Home)
Samuhik Sai Archana(@SSGM)
Reading of Sri Guru Charitra(@SSGM)
Reading of Sri Shirdi Sai Charitra(@SSGM)

The Reading of Guru Charitra or Sri Shirdi Sai Charitra can also be done through a Brahmin (Brahmana dwara) after the required Sankalpam in the Name of Devotee.
To Perform the Guru Charitra Parayana Seva or Sri Shirdi Sai Charitra Parayana Seva at SSGM one may Contact us at 312-231-8090
Priest Dakshina: It is general practice to give some Dakshina to the Priest and this will be in the form of “suggested dakshina” (no specified amount, Dakshina will go to Charity for Poor ).

Benefits of reading Shri Guru Charitra or its Parayana:

Devotees who read Shri Guru Charitra or perform its Parayana experience a Spiritual Joy and also Material Well Being.Some Devotees perform the Parayan for their Physical and Mental Well Being. Numerous are the Instances in Sri Guru Charitra where we see different people from across the Country who came to Shri Guru were cured by him by his mere Kind Glance. Even today devotees experience his Blessings by reading Sri Guru Charitra repeatedly. There are Specific Chapters (Adhyays) in Guru Charitra which are believed to cure Specific Problems in Life.

Here are few:-
Adhyay 8 for Birth of a Wise and Intelligent Child, Adhyay 14 for Solving Employment Problems, Adhyay 17 for Development of Childrens, Adhyay 18 for Financial well being, Adhyay 20-21 for Ghost or Bhoot Preta Badha, Adhyay 10 and 38 for Financial Upliftment, Adhyay 13 and 45 for Health related Problems.