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Shirdi Sai Miracle on srirama navami Mar 27th 2015


Shirdi Sai Miracle: My friend invited us for Sai Ratri puja like Shivaratri,the whole night have to tell Sai baba namam without stopping.The programs is from yesterday 6 pm to today 6 am(on srirama navami Mar 27th 2015). This is the first time baba appeared 2 times today. We are concentrated and telling Sai Namam(Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai), The orange Fruits kept for baba puja in the plate.suddenly orange fruits moved and run into circles and given big sound and stop,we wondered why fruit is moving without touching any one any effect sound outside.,not only me my friend we both see that fruit is moved,we surprised why the fruit moved and given sound.ok we can not stop namam,so we are concentrating on namam.i thought baba waking me up and not get into sleep, do not stop namam. I heard baba miracle in the internet baba appeared on the wall, but I never seen any time appearing, with my eyes.i asked baba if you move again I will take photo or video ,I started recording video to capture if fruit move again ,if he appeared so,suddenly I see baba face on cloth.please find the attached photos and video took live.if you pray deeply, baba will appear do ,
I can not say in words. You have to experience your own.there is no way to move fruit,we are in ground floor no is a miracle. I saw a Sai baba with my eyes
first time lively 2 times in the form of fruit and his face on the cloth.baba said : if you look at me, I will look at you.. 100 percent.