Adopt a Gov Hostel

Supporting the Neglected Govt. Hostels:-

‘Adopt a Gov Hostel’ is a cause supported by SSGM to provide a better life by providing every facility at govt hostels these kids stays.

There are hundreds of govt hostels accommodated with thousands of poor children. Facilities at these govt hostels are worse at some places.

There are govt hostels without proper toilets, without proper bathrooms. At some places there are no beds, or atleast proper blankets and we see 3 kids sharing same blankets.

The funds provided to them by govt doesn’t reach them properly or sometimes the fund isn’t sufficient to meet the requirements. Children at these govt hostels lacks quantity of food, number of plates and glasses.

Our sole intention of this cause is to increase the awareness of the conditions at govt hostels to the people so that they understand their dire needs.

Every penny collected for this cause will be straight away used for the children. The process of donations for this cause  (Or any other) are transparently spent and the receipts are duly shared with the donor.

Make lives of tomorrow’s citizens better by your donations. 🙂

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