Drs Ramesh & Vani Avula.


“It’s an incredible and monumental work this philanthropic and spiritual organization
Is conducting to uplift the poor and needy school children and elderly that need food, shelter and basic needs in rural Andhra Pradesh. We sincerely hope that many like minded people join them in their endeavors to improve basic human needs and dignity. We wish them all the best.”

I have known Venkat and Nalini(founders of Shirdi Sai Ganaga Mandir and Orphange/Old Age Homes) for about 7 yrs now. They are the most down to earth couple we have ever met. Their charity work towards poor and needy is remarkable. They have done service both in India and USA. Right from homeless, orphaned children and abandoned old parents, they offer service to them with utmost care and love. They provide food, clothes and shelter to the needy without expecting anything in return.

World needs such honest people! Any penny you donate to their organization goes to the right cause. Anyone can fully trust them and offer donation for the charity work they do. We are fortunate to have them in our lives.

Sridivya Murali and Vivek Premkumar.

Software Engineers

Raju G


I have known Venkata Rao Dirisala, President of Sirdi Sai Ganaga Mandir & orphanage/Old Age homes, for past 6 years. We knew each other as colleague where Venkata still works as Sr. Software enginner –Vice President and I work as a Business Analyst at Bank of New York Mellon. Immediately after our introduction, he shared with me his dream of serving the humanity as a Sai devotee and a plan to build an orphanage and old age home to provide services to children, elderly and destitute. I not only saw the dream in his eyes but also a strong aspiration and commitment to turn the dream to the reality.

As a result, Venkata started SSGM initiatives by acquiring land and with construction of the old age home and orphanage in rural Andhra Pradesh India. He also has been conducting a SSGMUS, a charitable organization to serve the abandoned children and needy elderly and destitute in the United States through direct support of providing food and clothing at the field level as well as reaching out to the community through different Organizations such as Save the Children Foundation.

I have rarely seen a person like Venkata who is so passionate about giving back to the community. It is indeed a pleasure and a privilege to be able to work with him in this journey.

I appeal everyone to join hand in Venkata’s and SSGM’s noble efforts.

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