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‘Sponsor Groceries for Elders’

SSGM as an Non Profit in Pittsburgh,PA, supports the cause ‘Sponsor Groceries for Elders’ as the number of helpless people in their golden age is increasing.

Our nation’s future depends upon today’s young people but the elder people of the nation are the people who built it so far. Most of the families treat them as a burden and they are left behind, abandoned.

There are thousands of helpless elders specific in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India living in a small attic. These elders lives a lonely life receiving a very little monthly pension that won’t last a week.

These helpless golden ager doesn’t intend to stay in an old age home but opt for the attic to survive somehow.

This program of ‘Sponsor Groceries’ seeks donations so that minimal monthly groceries can be distributed to these poor elders every month.

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