Sadhu (Yogi)

Sadhu- Reading Holy Books

Donate to Sadhu (saint) is a cause for which you can donate and support the lives of true saints living in the Dhyana Mandir and serving the Old Age Homes and Orphanage.

SSGM/SSGMV Charitable trust comprises of large group of saints (Sadhu), who have dedicated their lives to the Sai Baba and stays in the premises of SSGMV.

They read holy books in the name of visitors or their elders. Their relation with god is much stronger with utmost purity.

They even render their service to the Mana Sai Orphanage and Mana Sai Old Age Homes. They spread spiritual awareness among the young minds to live a life in a peaceful way.

Spiritual Gurus and Saints (sadhus) at SSGMV also conducts sessions at Dhyana Mandir for grief ridden people to set their life back on track. They also conducts on demand aarthi, pooja and special archana (prayers) for the visitors, especially on Thursdays

We intend to provide every facility to these sadhus who expects nothing from life. Our cause ‘Donate to Sadhu’ is the sole way of earning funds to provide facilities to the Sadhus.

Donation for Sadhu(Yogi)

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