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SSGM would love to get connected with different corporate companies of different industries who have a common goal of helping others.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have strongly committed ourselves to dedicatedly work for the betterment of society. We’ll be honored to be associated with any CSR activity that the corporate firms conducts.

For those who don’t know, CSR is Corporate Social Responsibility mandatory for corporate businesses to conduct for the welfare of the society. It is a very nice way to give the society as much as possible to make a balanced civilised world.

SSGM includes Mana Sai Orphanage and Mana Sai Old Age Homes. All these entities are established in the state of PA ,USA and Andhra Pradesh,India  but the roots of our Charitable work are spread across USA and India for the conduction of various activities.

We guide corporate firms to get the CSR work done in the most efficient manner. Our association with corporate firms will be transparent, genuine and most importantly the donations are directly transferred for the cause being supported.


We request the readers to help us collaborate with various corporate firms and we all together can do a greater good for the society.

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