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Mana Sai Home Orphanage

SSGM and SSGMV established Mana Sai Orphanage in Vemulabanda area of Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh,India. With the blessing of Divine Shirii Sai, we have managed to give life to more than 50 children at god’s own house.

Mana Sai Orphanage was launched around 2 years ago when we observed a few kids begging for food. It broke our heart seeing kids who deserve to play are helpless for food.

Children Home Facilities

They were orphans and with a small formality (documents) they were bought at our Orphanage under the society of SSGMV trust.

Today our Home shelters more than 50 boys and girls in the age group of 4 to 16 years.

All these kids are of different backgrounds. A few of them belonged to parents who are suffering from terminal illness of HIV/ Cancer etc. Some of them abandoned their kids on roads. Most of them were orphans whose both parents are dead.

In this critical juncture we identified and bought the children to SSGMV Children Home . We intend to give them everything they need and everything they deserve.

Mana Sai Orphanage in AP Supports Children for:

✔ Food and Nutrition
✔ Home Shelter
✔ Education
✔ Scholarships
✔ Medical Care
✔ School Uniform, Shoes etc
✔ Education Material

We have our own team of soldiers who try their best to do what they do. Our staff consists of Counselors, Co-coordinators, Teachers, Care-takers, Cook, Janitor and a warden.All these members are highly trained and stands rock solid with a sole agenda of serving god’s own kids.

We try our best to provide a Home like atmosphere to all these kids. Our expenses are completely based on the donations. It takes more than a $1000 every month to provide kids at our orphanage with all basic amenities and it comes from people like you, our donors.

  • We request our donors to get started with as little as possible
  • One Time Meals for 50 Children $50
  • One day Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner $130
  • Sponsor Groceries for children $100

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