Adopt a Gov School

Supporting the Neglected Schools:-

SSGMVs cause ‘Adopt a Gov School’ is introduced to help those govt schools which are not equipped with any facility. We intend to get funds as donations to help the less privileged school providing education to the poor children.

The scenario of few of the govt schools are worse than imagination. Some of the schools don’t have proper plates to eat. There’s no fence for few schools and stray animals are seen inside.

Sometimes there’s no fans for the classrooms and kids just sits in the pathetic condition even during the summer season. The roof leaks during the rainy season and students just have to adjust their places to avoid it.

Our sole purpose of this program is to improve the conditions of the govt schools. This encourages lots of people to send their children to govt schools.

Your donations will be sent to various govt schools to get minor repairs done. Also, we’ll allocate the funds to buy plates, benches, fans etc.

The amount of donation doesn’t matter, the intention behind it matters. Hence we request everyone to donate to our cause ‘Adopt A Govt School’ as little as possible.

Donation For Gov School

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