“Mana Sai Old Age Home”

Food and Shelter for Elders

SSGM is extremely proud to open our doors of Old Age Home for helpless elders who have no place to go. Situated in Prakasam Dist, AP state of India, we run old age homes completely based on charities and donations.

We are intended to provide a perfect home to the people in their golden age. India has always been close to its culture but with the effect of modernization, we see children are migrating to other cities leaving behind their parents with almost no-one to take care of.

Started in 2015, we have served more than 50 elders. We always welcome anyone who needs shelter, regardless of caste and religion.

Mana Sai Old Age Home

SSGM has acquired land and signed the purchase and sale agreement.

The site plan permit has already been obtained and working towards getting a building permit.

Teams of Architects, Engineers, Lawyers, and Accountants have been actively working towards the development of Mana Sai Old Age Home.

We continuously upgrade the facilities to provide ‘Home-Like’ experience to the senior citizens by providing everything they need.

  • We welcome any kind of donations. Contribute as low as possible, we thank you all for it.
We take care of the following necessities of Elders at our Old Age Home:

✔ Food Requirements
✔ Shelter to Stay
✔ Clothes for Comfy
✔ Medical Treatments

Mana Sai Old Age Home is a unit of SSGM which is a ‘not-for-profit’ organization. We can provide care and support to everyone because of generous donors like you.

  • Internships and Volunteering opportunities are also open to all.

Donation for Old Age Home

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